Bereton Montessori

our facilities


A modern and spacious classroom environment conducive for learning is provided, All classrooms are furnished with chairs and tables suitable for different ages and sizes of children. Adequate teaching aids and IQ building toys to educate, challenge and make learning fun are provided in the pre-nursery and nursery classes. Teaching aids are also used in the primary school.


The school has well-equipped libraries at both locations. Books are issued to pupils weekly. Apart from textbooks, other ancillary materials like storybooks, videos, magazines and daily newspapers are available, Well-trained assistants are on hand to help the pupils find relevant materials.


In Bereton, we teach pupils using experiments. To this end, there are modern & fully equipped Science, ICT, and Home Economics laboratories. Our laboratories are practical & participatory and pupils learn howto conduct experiments early in their education.

Audio-Visual Materials

Educational documentaries/animated films are shown which entertain, educate and broaden the children’s knowledge and outlook. All our pre-nursery and nursery classes are equipped with audio-visualtools.

Music Room

Quite early, Bereton introduces children to the appreciation of music, which provides creative ventilation from core academic activities. A well equipped music room is available.

Language Room

Languages such as French and English are taught practically with audio and video materials.

Art Room

A fully furnished art studio is provided for pupils to express themselves artistically. Various artworks are designed by pupils, which they take home at the end of the term.

Physical Education/Sports

The physical well-being of the child is important to us. This is why both indoor and outdoor facilities are provided to exercise not only the body but the mind. Bereton has a well-fenced playground with slides, swings, rocking chairs, swing-balls, sea-saws, merry-go-rounds, basketball posts, and more. We believe that sports are fundamental to the rounded development of the child. Therefore, inter-house sports are organised annually; where all pupils compete under six houses. There is a high spirit of healthy competition among the houses and individual members of the houses.

Sick Bay

A sick bay is provided in each campus where nurses administer first aid to pupils. In addition, a 25-bed hospital – Daily Spring Hospital, located at 11 Rumuigbo Street, Old GRA, caters for more serious cases. The Daily Spring Hospital is staffed with a fully equipped medical team. It is open to parents, staff and their families.

Multi-Purpose Hall – Victory Hall

There is a multipurpose hall at each location of the school. This is used for various school activities and also for children’s birthday celebrations. Our entertainment team makes birthdays celebrated in the school a memorable occasion.


A bookshop is provided where recommended textbooks, exercise books, educational & fun books and all forms of stationery are sold. A snack shop is also provided. We have a gift shop where school bags, lunch boxes, socks, educational and fun toys, birthday and other gift items are sold.

If you have questions about Bereton Montessori, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to speak with you about a truly wonderful place for your family and children to be in school.