Bereton Montessori

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Welcome to Bereton Montessori

We are a thriving educational community of students whose parents and guardians have made a
decision for their children/wards to study here for specific reasons: well-trained staff, intensive
curriculum and a stimulating learning environment.

The Early Years

Ages 3-7

The Primary School

Ages 7-11

The Secondary School

Ages 11-18

Learning Is Just the Beginning

At Bereton, students aren’t just taught. They’re inspired and guided to embrace challenges,
discover their strengths and make their mark.

Individual Focus

With a focus on the whole child, we promote and foster individual passions, talents and aspirations.

Learning Communities

Our campuses ensure learning communities.

Innovative Thinking

We focus on educational innovation and challenging traditional paradigms through research and innovative program.

Academic Excellence

We challenge our students to exceed their own academic expectations.

Wide Curricular Program

Our extensive curricular program provides a variety of options including music, theater, sports etc.

State of the Art Facilities

Our facilities provide opportunities for developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

news and blog

Raising the Total Child: Bereton Montessori School – A Career Guidance Counsellor’s Perspective on the Best School in Nigeria

In Bereton Montessori School, we pride ourselves among the best schools in Port Harcourt and Nigeria at large not only because of our 45 years of raising high-flyers like, Abani Derego but because we understand the need to guide students through their career path early in their educational journey…

Bereton Montessori Facts

Students across our 3 campuses
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Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses offered
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Universities from around the world accepted Bereton graduates over the past 5 years
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Countries represented in our community
Bereton Montessori
A School that empowers its students to excel in any endeavor and to find their own voice.
The true measure of a great school can be found in the comments from parents, staff, students and the community. Below are testimonials we have received.
Arch. James

Over the decades, Bereton Montessori have been a blessing in my family. Molding our newest generation and building our leaders of tomorrow in a Godly way. God Bless the children of Bereton Montessori and the teachers who lead them.


I am confident that my daughter is receiving a high-quality education which is second to none at Bereton Montessori because of the commitment of the teachers and staff who care very deeply for her.”

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