Bereton Montessori


Bereton is synonymous with qualitative education and it is the school of choice for parents and guardians who insist on excellence. In the pre-nursery, nursery and primary sections, the Froebel system is the norm. Also, a specialized method of teaching popularly known as Montessori is fully applied.

The school has invested considerable funds on teaching aids to be well equipped for this task and qualified teachers are continuously retrained. Therefore, Bereton is the gateway to quality education for children and wards.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is predominantly the Nigerian Curriculum with an infusion of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. Our pupils are continually assessed progressively throughout each term. In Bereton, every subject and every pupil matters, and as a result, much attention is paid to slow learners and they are carried along to the desired standard.

After successfully completing nursery education at Bereton, admission to the primary section is automatic. For children coming from other nursery schools, a written examination is conducted to determine the suitable class to place them. The transition class is a buffer and grooming ground for many such entrants.

In line with the Universal Basic Education (UBE) policy pupils in the final class sit for entrance examinations into Charles Dale Memorial International School or any secondary school of their choice.

If you have questions about Bereton Montessori, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to speak with you about a truly wonderful place for your family and children to be in school.