Entrance Examination

Entrance assessment/tests are written in March prior to the year of entry.

Bereton Montessori has a policy of not giving out past examination question papers.

Requirements on the entrance assessment day
Candidates must bring the following to the test centre:
1. Receipt of payment for the application form.
2. Writing materials – Pens, Mathematical Set, Ruler, Eraser, Sharpener and HB Pencil.

Registration for new pupils starts in March of every year. Admission is only once a year. The Admission period is from March to September.

Late admission is from September to December (this is subject to vacancies). The application procedure is as follows:

1. Parents apply by obtaining Registration forms upon production of the child’s original Birth Certificate from the office of the Head Teacher.
2. An interview date is scheduled where the child would be tested.
3. In the primary school a written test is conducted.
4. The interview results are published and pupils are admitted strictly on merit.

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